The difference between massage modalities is intention…

The difference between massage modalities is intention.

Most massage sessions with Lindsay include at least a few minutes of each kind. Please read below for more details.

Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage isn’t just about reducing stress and blissing out for an hour or so (although that’s pretty great!). Regular relaxation massage supports stronger immunity throughout the body, and helps people maintain better balance and body awareness while moving through their day, reducing chances of injury.

Sports massage

Athletes, whether they are weekend warriors or daily practitioners, are looking for muscle rejuvenation and recovery in their sports massage sessions. Regular massage in areas of repetitive motion helps an athlete achieve fitness goals and if they are competitors, helps keep their bodies moving at optimum levels.

Injury treatment

Although Lindsay is not a listed insurance provider, she’s highly trained in injury treatment. She’s found almost everyone who walks in her door has an old injury, either years or maybe just weeks old. Whiplash, healed bone breaks, hip and knee replacements, oral surgery—the list goes on and on. She has techniques in her tool kit to address those problems even though they may not be the primary reason for a person’s visit.

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Lindsay Butler, LMT, RF