Lindsay really knows her stuff!

Lindsay really knows her stuff; I especially appreciate how rejuvenated my legs, feet and upper back feel after a massage session with her.


Lindsay is great!

I have a number of military connected disabilities that I have to deal with on a daily basis, including migraines w/aura, nerve damage, sciatica and inter-vertebral disc syndrome. Lindsay is always patient, kind and willing to try something new at each appointment. While I’ll deal with my issues for the rest of my life, I feel a lot better knowing I have someone close by that can give me a bit of relief!


Shedding muscle soreness…

Whether it’s after hiking, marathon cooking, weightlifting or horseback riding, I walk into Lindsay’s office and she helps me shed muscle soreness, allowing me to focus better on work and family.


Lindsay gets the balance just right…

I get a good, strong, comprehensive sports massage from Lindsay — but she doesn’t overdo it. I want to relax during a massage while prepping my body for more exercise; Lindsay gets the balance just right.


Lindsay’s the bee’s knees!

Lindsay’s the bee’s knees! She’s the only person I’ve found who gives a precise deep-tissue massage without an “ouch” factor. Her neck, shoulder and scalp massages put me into Nirvana. Her reflexology know-how is helpful to me, too.


Lindsay is my ‘go-to’ massage therapist…

Lindsay is my ‘go-to’ massage therapist.  She has keen perception and quickly locates the source of tension, stiffness or pain.  I recently was in excruciating pain. By the end of the massage I felt much better and by the next day, I was free of pain and had good mobility again.  I appreciate that she is very conscientious with checking in to follow-up after massages in this type of situation.

Lindsay also is an experienced Reiki Practitioner. After her Reiki treatments, I always leave feeling relaxed, peaceful and renewed.  By the way—Lindsay’s offering a choice of Reiki or Massage is a great advantage—if you prefer massage, but something is too tender for massage, her Reiki is a wonderful alternative.