The difference between massage modalities is intention…

The difference between massage modalities is intention.

Most massage sessions with Lindsay include at least a few minutes of each kind. Please read below for more details.

Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage isn’t just about reducing stress and blissing out for an hour or so (although that’s pretty great!). Regular relaxation massage supports stronger immunity throughout the body, and helps people maintain better balance and body awareness while moving through their day, reducing chances of injury.

Sports massage

Athletes, whether they are weekend warriors or daily practitioners, are looking for muscle rejuvenation and recovery in their sports massage sessions. Regular massage in areas of repetitive motion helps an athlete achieve fitness goals and if they are competitors, helps keep their bodies moving at optimum levels.

Injury treatment

Although Lindsay is not a listed insurance provider, she’s highly trained in injury treatment. She’s found almost everyone who walks in her door has an old injury, either years or maybe just weeks old. Whiplash, healed bone breaks, hip and knee replacements, oral surgery—the list goes on and on. She has techniques in her tool kit to address those problems even though they may not be the primary reason for a person’s visit.

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Lindsay Butler, LMT, RF

The first two decades of her working life, Lindsay was a corporate writer, planner and editor. She understands about meeting goals and deadlines, working long hours at a keyboard, or standing a lot during presentations. Growing up in Vermont, where people are just as active as Washingtonians, she shared in the pattern of “work hard; play hard,” looking forward to the weekends to hike, ski or play tennis. She still resonates with that ethic, but now includes recuperation, wellness and self-care into the mix. She encourages her clients to do the same.

Lindsay says “I discovered bodywork after a sledding injury in my teens and then repetitive stress injuries at work to my neck and shoulders in my twenties and thirties sent me to experts to get help. As much as I loved working in communications, there was a big light bulb for me that went off — bodywork was what I was going to be passionate about – and I still am, only more so!”

Lindsay attended the Brenneke School of Massage, graduating in 1998 with a focus on sports and injury massage, and the Seattle Reflexology Center in Queen Anne, completing its course of study for foot reflexology and addressing foot pain in 2014. She was attuned to Reiki I in 1998 and then Reiki II in 2003. She has taken dozens of post-graduate classes and seminars, always curious about current research and new techniques.

Lindsay considers everyone an athlete because we all are moving our bodies constantly, or if we aren’t, we want to be. Exertion isn’t always big movements or extreme – it can be writing code for hours or hefting a child repeatedly onto a hip. Lindsay does what she loves so that people can continue to do what they love with ease, comfort and strength.